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OK lets understand each other, we didn't get to be NYs favorite auto leasing, insurance and collision center by simply leasing cars and/or returning them to showroom (or better) condition.

Truth is , we got there by sometimes doing just the opposite.

Confused? Ok, let us explain (or feel free to call anyone with an Allstate logo on their car). Fact is, what we value more than a clients signature on the dotted line is the relationship that starts with that signature.

And relationships aren't about cars they're about trust. So if we feel that your dream car's size, options package, fuel economy, etc will rapidly turn it into your nightmare car we'll give you a heads up. That's why we're about the only leasing company that never advertises the "deals du jour".

Why? Because that's not what sets us apart. What sets us apart is the fact that no matter how "hot" the deal may be, if it's not right for you we'll let you know, Of course, we'll give you optionssome less expensive, some more expensive, some in the same basic price range.

Though what we won't give you is a plastic smile, insincere promises, tons of back slaps and high fives and whatever else other folks may use to get you to "close the deal."

Does that mean we'll refuse to lease you a car we don't feel is right for you? Not really (and even if we said we would refuse, would you believe it?) Truth is if you insist on a car regardless of what we feel, we'll make it happen. But no amount of smiles, promises, backslaps and high fives will make a difference to you when you realize Yossie and Zack were right when they gently pointed out;

In other words, your dream car experience got cut short by a wake up callthat's going to keep going for another 24, 26, or 39 months.

Doing what's right for you is the difference between us and those "Bookend" leasing companies-as in there for you at the start and end of your lease. At Allstate we're about being there for you every step of the way.

How? Well if we told you, you wouldn't check out the other pages of this site. And since we paid good money for it, we want to make sure you read them too.

But in closing we will say that makes us Allstate is the fact even our "About Us" is about you.
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