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We didn't become NY's "Go To Guys" for making dream cars come true by just helping clients make their dream cars come true. Truth is we did it by making sure those dream cars came true without any nightmare surprises—before, during or after your lease. For example;

PRICES: There's a reason you'll almost never find prices in our ads. Why? Because as any savvy client knows lease prices are pretty much the same all around. Sure there's times our relationships with a particular dealership or financial institution gives us access to unbelievable one of a kind deals, but by and large "All Lease Prices Are Created Equal". The other thing you won't find in our ads—or in any part of your dealings with us—is fine print that makes that amazing price way less amazing. Because the only surprises you'll get with us are the kind that put a smile on your face.

REALITY: Let's face it, we pay our bills by leasing cars. Despite that, we believe in leasing people the right cars. So if you're coming in with your heart set on a 2 door coupe but need something that will handle 4 kids worth of carpooling, summers upstate, endless shopping trips and everything else that makes up "life as we know it", we feel it's our responsibility to give you a reality check and point out more suitable options to you (even if they're less expensive)

Yes, we'll be gentle about it, and yes, we will lease you whatever car you have your heart set on (and do it at a price that will blow your mind), but our business is about trust and relationships as much as its about leasing cars…or to put it another way our business is about you.

MILEAGE OVERAGES: The only thing lower than some of those 'amazing' lease deals is the mileage allotment provided by the manufacturer. Case in point, a 10,000 mile per year 'allowance' is usually fine if you live and work locally and the longest trips you take are to the Catskills in the summer and visits with family/friends in the tri-state area.

On the other hand, if you're one of those people whose personal or professional lives require them to "live in their cars", you'll be through your allowance faster than most kids go through their allowance. The difference is your kids don't get charged for going through their allowance while car companies will charge you anywhere from 15 to 25 cents per mile—and those overages add up to the point where that great lease deal suddenly looks a great deal less impressive.

EARLY RETURN: What's that? The thrill is gone? You want something with more "oomph"/room/gadgets & gizmos…but don't want to wait until your lease is over to get it? No problem, just come on it and we'll show you how that early return can become a happy return…even if you didn't lease the car being returned from us.

WEAR & TEAR: Unless your car spends its entire leased life in a garage, odds are its going to pick up some signs of 'use'. While these signs could be anything from a ding to a dent or a bald tire to a broken light, they could also be trouble in terms of getting hit with even more charges from the manufacturer. And, while some manufactures offer a $1500 "allowance" to cover the inevitable signs of aging that happen during your lease, you probably won't be surprised to know that like most manufacturer's 'allowances' that coverage is usually not enough. That's why we offer a complimentary service (in conjunction with our state of the art in-house collision shop) that will detail your car from bumper to bumper and restore it to "Ready to Return" condition. While this service isn't designed to address major damage or bodywork (though our in house collision shop is), we've found it's more than enough to handle the kind of typical wear and tear that happens over the life of a lease. And having us handle that is way better than you having to handle those unpleasant end of lease surprises.
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